From November 28 to December 27 of the 2020 management, the National Customs in coordination with the Armed Forces, Bolivian Police and the Public Ministry carried out a total of 100 operations in Tarija whose seizures are equivalent in FOB value to 588,075 US dollars.

This was reported this Monday by the Executive President of the entity, Karina Serrudo during a press conference held at the Interior Customs of the Chapaca capital, together with the Vice Minister of Fight Against Smuggling Cnel. Gonzalo Rodríguez, the commander of the Third Division of the Armed Forces Cnel. Augusto Arévalo Oblitas, the Commander of the Departmental Police of Tarija Cnel. Sadid Ávila Vega, the Departmental Prosecutor of Tarija Wilson Tito Torrez and the District Director of the National Hydrocarbons Agency Ing. Victor Hugo Baltazar.

“Since the end of November we have carried out 100 operations in all the borders of the department such as Yacuiba, Bermejo and the alternate routes. They have given us an approximate value of 600 thousand dollars in seizures, that is to say about 4 million Bolivianos ”, said the customs authority approximately.

The executive president assured that during the first 11 months of this year the borders have been released and as proof said that contraband products have been seen in the market and stores at prices with which local production cannot compete.

“(The smuggling) … enters through illegal roads, with high-tonnage trucks that bring panettones, beer, cider, with low prices and the Bolivian producer has to compete with them by paying taxes, employees, social benefits,” she deplored.

The product that most smuggles into Tarija is corn, because in operations carried out in the Chaco Tarijeño and in towns near the capital of Tarija, 8 high-tonnage trucks of this grain were seized, with a FOB value of 184,000 US dollars.

Another product that was seized in great quantity and value were cigarettes, in coordination with the Bolivian Police an operation was carried out thanks to which a truck with its trailer was intercepted entering Villa Montes, with a FOB value of 144,678 US dollars.

Regarding alcoholic beverages, in the department of Tarija 44 operations were carried out, obtaining seizures equivalent in FOB value to 105,586 US dollars.

In balanced feed, several seizures were made with a FOB value of 20,000 US dollars.

Regarding edible food, there are 7 registered operations carried out at the Customs Inspection Points (PIA) of La Mamora and Villa Montes, for a value of 9,161 US dollars.

In relation to undocumented vehicles, thanks to complaints, 10 vehicles called “chutos” were captured in different places in the department of Tarija, their FOB value is equivalent to 90,000 US dollars.

National Collection

Regarding the national customs collection, President Serrudo said that in a single month “we have increased the collection from 56% to 66%, that is, 10 points, more than 1,500 million Bolivians who have entered only in one month, an arduous work ”assured the authority.

Finally, she said that “when you put love, affection to work in the country you have these results and you can be sure that we will continue working with shifts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”