In Tarija they intercept 5 trucks with alcoholic beverages and smuggled corn whose value is $ 149,000

This Tuesday, December 29, in the sectors of Santa Ana, El Cóndor and Narváez of the department of Tarija, the National Customs with the support of the Armed Forces and the Bolivian Police intercepted five trucks with contraband merchandise consisting of beer, cider and other beverages alcoholic, as well as corn of foreign origin valued in 149,000 American dollars.

In Narváez, a white combined Nissan brand truck was caught, with a 1556 TLT control plate that transported beer and other contraband drinks with an approximate value of 15,000 US dollars and a weight of 20 tons.

Also in Narváez, another vehicle was seized, a Volvo Amarillo truck with a 2322 EZK control plate, also containing beer and other contraband products with an estimated value of US $ 38,000 and a weight of 20 tons.

A third truck intercepted in El Cóndor was transporting 34 tons of alcoholic beverages without documentation to support their legal entry into the country, with an approximate value of 43 thousand US dollars.

On the other hand, in Santa Ana the seizure of an Orange Volvo truck with a 1041 LAX control plate was reported, which was transporting corn weighing approximately 20 tons and an approximate FOB value of US $ 15,000.

And finally, in Santa Ana there is the seizure of a 1589 TEH control plate control plate Volvo color truck, containing smuggled corn weighing approximately 20 tons and a value of approximately $ 15,000.

The National Customs will continue to carry out operations in different sectors of Tarija and the country, within the framework of the Inter-institutional Plan to Strengthen the Fight Against Smuggling.