Initiative. The EL DEBER Group Money supplement and Great Place to Work Bolivia organized the 2021 Challenges Conference Cycle, Reinventing Organizations

Mauricio David Vasquez Carvajal 12/29/2020 20:28 (Photo The Duty)

With the intention of deepening the changes, adaptations and new implementations to consider in matters of culture, leadership and sales in a situation of pandemic, Money and Great Place to Work (GPTW) Bolivia organized the Cycle of Conference Challenges 2021, Reinvented to the Organizations.

For three days, executives from different companies and sectors in Bolivia and several countries received current information on: Cultural transformation for all, Leading in uncertain times and Redefining sales as a global process. “Nothing is the same and everything can be better.” With this phrase, Aldana Fernández de Córdova, country manager of GPTW Bolivia, summarizes the struggle that all organizations in the world had to face in the face of the pandemic, but with the awareness that people are the most important thing in a company , have been able to get ahead.

To build a company that is profitable today and in the near future, according to Fernández de Córdova, you have to focus on technology and digitization of culture, trust, empowerment, well-being, and job security.

To implement the first point, you must have personal data, says Fernández de Córdova. This is to know how they react to certain situations (stress level, among other things) and make better decisions that benefit the organization, since the leader must have tools to give feedback.

With regard to trust and empowerment, Fernández de Córdova indicates that it is essential to have tools that enable the construction of environments of certainty, since this allows for faster progress and better face the tides of change. Also, you have to believe in people and not be on top of them all the time with extreme controls.

Finally, the human resources expert argues that companies have to carefully manage their organizational culture, since, failing to do so, a tense environment is created in the workplace, decreasing job security.

To avoid this situation, flexibility plays a fundamental role, since it is the tool that allows you to reconcile work and personal life. More in a situation in which face-to-face work will not yet be fully reestablished.

Proper communication

On the second day of the lecture series, Argentinean Juan Pablo Sanguinetti, Whalecom country manager, addressed the issue of what leadership is in uncertain times, such as those we live today.

During his speech, Sanguinetti provided some tips to lead in the new normal, such as applying clear definitions (objectives, KPI or Key Performance Indicator, roles and responsibilities, control) and implementing autonomy agreements for decision-making (who , like when).

Whalecom’s country manager advises managing technology appropriately and developing bonds of trust (less or no “if I don’t see it, I don’t believe it”). In addition, appropriate communication should be used: short meetings, appropriate channels, agreed agendas.

To implement this last point, Sanguinetti suggests using the six levels of the Pyramid of Communication: email, instant message (intimacy), telephone or teleconference, videoconference (empathy), telepresence and ‘face to face’ (closeness). And in case of failure in some, you have to progressively increase the level, until you achieve the desired result.

The purpose is fundamental

On the last day of the activity, Esteban Proaño, CEO of Esencia Humana, spoke about the redefinition of sales as a global process.

Proaño said that currently companies have to understand that they no longer sell products or services, but for purposes. To sell, Proaño argues, organizations must demonstrate to their clients that the products and services they offer help them achieve their strategic goals.

Regarding the management of the client portfolio, Proaño advises firms to apply strategies to guarantee the retention of clients, their retention and development.

To do this, the organization must be adequately sized to sell. This is achieved by providing appropriate coverage to clients and prospects, duly representing the company’s products and services, and working beyond what is required to be productive.

In addition, the company must invest appropriately in its sales resources, promote respect for workers (time, results, commissions, among others) and live the culture of compliance with commitments.

To carry out this process, according to the CEO of Esencia Humana, it is essential to have a Sales Management Program (PGV) that helps improve the effectiveness in achieving results, allows having a common language that guarantees commercial practices and standards. harmonized, and lay the foundation for effective and efficient sales coaching through sales management.

Finally, Proaño suggested finding sources of sales and new business opportunities, to minimize the number of cold calls by the sales force and allow them to focus on their work, which is to sell.


With phrases like “Brilliant, you generated a learning in me about the radical importance of culture and organization” and “Excellent exhibitions, my congratulations”, some of the participants in the 2021 Challenges Conference Cycle, Reinvented to Organizations, expressed themselves.

People from Bolivia, Argentina, Peru and Ecuador, among other countries, were connected.